About Samurai Brand


All we have to do to keep required quality is to be sincerely engaged in our mission.
It is achieved through pretty simple ways as follows;

  1. 1

    We never purchase our material fish before we check the freshness of them as carefully as we can. And we never get more than we can process within a day.

  2. 1

    Our plant, equipped 6 of automatic graders and 4 of weight checkers, can be satisfied with the quality of grading accuracy. Furthermore, we take sample inspection constantly for every lot every day. You may check the report of inspection, any time you like.

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    In organically combination with latest grading system and packing system, our plants have quite flexible systems fit in any fish or its condition which is changing by the minutes. This made us relieve bottlenecks and process them more effectively, carefully.

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    The deep freezing equipment in our plant is powered by comprehensive technology of Japan. Now, they are being supported all over the world.

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