Plant Introduction

Main Plant

kurohae plant

Choshi Kurohae factory built in 2009 already had very effective packing systems superior to traditional Japanese systems.

However, in the summer of 2012, we decided to renovate our technical base to provide more efficient manufacturing.
As the result, material fish are transferred to renovated grading section with weight-checkers after sorted with roller grader. In this way fish are graded with up to 15 ranks.
After that, they are packed to "SAMURAI" cartons, stacked to the racks and transferred to deep freezing room.
It takes less than 3 or 5 minutes from coldwater to freezing room.

Therefore, in organically combination with grading system and packing system, our plants have quite flexible systems fit in any fish and its condition which is changing by the minutes. This capability made us relieve bottlenecks and process them more effectively, carefully.
This renovation is one of our answer for conflicting demands of our customers - higher grading accuracy without losing process speed.

Manufacturing Process

  1. plant photo

    1.Enterance of Raw Material

  2. plant photo

    2.Feeding into the line

  3. plant photo

    3.Grading Section
    (L) Roller grader
    (R) Weight checker

  4. plant photo

    4.Packing / Stacking Section

  5. plant photo

    5.Deep Freezing Room
    (to -40 Degree C)

  6. plant photo

    6.Palletizing Area

  7. plant photo

    7.Cold Storage
    (at -30 Degree C)

  8. plant photo

    8.Platform for loading

Plant location

MAP of our Facilities
How to visit our Factory / Office
  1. kurohae factory

    7400-10 Kurohae, Choshi, Chiba Prefecture

    Freezing capacity : 500 MT/day
    Cold Storage capacity : 3,000 MT (-30 degree C)

  2. shiomi cold storage

    9-7 Shiomi-cho, Choshi, Chiba Prefecture

    Freezing capacity : 20 MT/day

    Cold Storage capacity : 16,000 MT (-30 degree C)

  3. nagatsuka cold storage

    3-94-1 Nagatsuka-cho, Choshi, Chiba Prefecture

    Cold Storage capacity : 3,000 MT (-30 degree C)

  4. Kesennuma Factory

    2016.9 New Plant has constructed.

    128-1 Akaiwaminato Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture

    Freezing capacity : 300 MT/day
    Cold Storage capacity : 3,000 MT(-50 degree C), 12,000 MT (-30 degree C)