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TAKAHASHI SUISAN CO.,LTD. was established in 1961 as a frozen fishing bait packing factory for long line tuna fishing vessels in Japan. We have been gaining a wealth of experiences and achievements over half a century.

We have 2 packing factories and plenty of cold storages in both KANTO area (East area) and SANRIKU area (North-east area), being very famous as best fishing ground in the world, the annual catch of around here accounts for about 70 percent of the domestic catch.

Especially, in our Kurohae Factory located in Choshi city, currently becomes one of the model factory of frozen packing facilities in Japan only 3 years after its establishment, we can produce 500 MT of frozen products. Choshi port is close to Tokyo Bay and such a blessed fishing ground. So it is most suitable for carrying fresh raw materials and for shipping to all over the world.

We made an equipment improvement of the Kurohae factory in August of 2012. As a result of additional investment, we have held 6 of roller graders and 4 of latest weight checkers as grading section. We can become to process material fish in capability of 60 MT/hour in organically combination with above grading system and enhanced Packaging-Stacking system. This equipment enables the production to outperform all conventional systems in both speed and accuracy.

We give assurance of supplying freezing marine products in the very best quality in the world.

Japan is a blessed nation which has rich fishing ground and inherited Fish-eating culture through the ages. Therefore we have wealth of experience of handling marine product which requires extreme delicacy.

Now world-class technical capabilities enable us to process fish by higher accuracy, also maintain perfect quick deep freezing and storage maintenance.

Moreover, in Japan, there is world's best infrastructure, such as electricity, water, gas and transportation back up system to maintain the factories in any climate.

This is the reason why we have strong confidence - we supply the Premium Quality frozen marine products all over the world in the name of "SAMURAI".

What is the additional value for customers? We are always striving to improve convenience, quality and distribution service.

For now we are in the market research phase of 3 years plan in regards to the process line of the northern factory (in Kesennuma, Miyagi-Pref.).

Marine resources including fish, are finite resources to all humanity. We think people worldwide have right to enjoy them. We gratefully commit to the task helping to supply happy and healthy life to those people. We say this is our own appointed work.

Company Profile

Company Name
1961. May.
2 Freezing / Packing Factories
  Total Freezing Capacity : 800 MT / day
5 Cold Storages
  Total Storage Capacity : 34,000 MT (-30 degrees C) / 3,000 MT (-50 degrees C)
Major products
Frozen Pelagic fish (W / R)
  Mackerel, Japanese Sardine, Yellowtail, Pacific Saury.
Frozen Tunas (W / R)
  Albacore, Skipjack, Bonito, Big-eye Tuna, Yellow-fin Tuna
Frozen other marine products
  Sharks (dressed, loin), Salmon/ Trout
Company Broshure (HERE)

Company Timeline

1961. May.
Established Head office and Factory in Kesenuma (Miyagi pref.)

1961. Jun.
Established Branch and Factory in Choshi (Chiba pref.)

1984. Jan.
Built Shiomi Cold Storage (S-1 CS) in Choshi.

1989. Dec.
Built Iwaisaki Cold Storage in Kesennuma.

1992. Apr.
Built New Freezing Factory in Kesennuma.

2002. Mar.
Acquired Shiomi Cold Storage #2 (S-2 CS) in Choshi.

2009. Jun.
Built Kurohae Freezing Factory in Choshi.

2014. May.
Built Kesennuma Cold Storage #1(K-1 CS) in Kesennuma

2016. Sep.
Built Kesennuma Freezing Factory in Kesennuma


Nearest Port (for Exportation) : Tokyo Port or Yokohama Port.
Nearest Airport : Narita International Airport. (NRT) (about 50KM)
From Tokyo : 2 hours by Train. (about 120KM)

E-mail : fts@daiuroco.com
Office : 7400-10 Kurohae Choshi Chiba Pref.

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